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Classicle was founded by David Donadio, a communications professional and father of two D.C. public school children. In the weeks after the schools of the nation’s capital shut down for the COVID pandemic in March 2020, Donadio saw first-hand how difficult distance learning can be for students — especially young ones — and how critical peer interaction is for social, emotional and intellectual development. He and his colleagues sought to create a solution that would keep children on track.

The result is Classicle.

Launching initially in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland, we’re a growing community of families, teachers, tutors, childcare providers and more, built to address the needs of children, parents, and employers. Whether you’re looking to form a cooperative learning pod with other families or find a teacher to lead one, or you’re a provider with the skills to keep students engaged and learning, you’re welcome here.

Our children need the freedom to learn the way they learn best, whatever that means for each individual. For the math whiz capable of speeding through lessons years past their grade level, the student who needs more individual attention learning to read, or for the kids of all ages who need outlets to code, play sports, music, and participate in other group activities, Classicle can connect your children with people who can help them on your terms.

Our Team

  • David Donadio - Founder and CEO

    David Donadio is founder and CEO of Classicle, and of the communications and marketing consultancy Iambic. A long-time Washington resident and father of two DCPS elementary school children, he concluded early on that they and others would need greater personal attention than distance learning afforded to grow and mature, even during the pandemic. The son of a literature professor and an art historian, David represents advanced technology clients, nonprofits and charities at Iambic. He has also taught students how to write for audiences at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, the George Washington School of Media and Public Affairs, and the Wharton School of Business. David delights in hearing his children opine on Led Zeppelin and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, when they’re not beating out the Purdie Shuffle on his head.

  • Jonathan Wilkenfeld - Director

    Jonathan Wilkenfeld is a Director at Classicle, where he works on strategy, building a better platform, and spreading the word to parents. A native New Yorker, he’s been fortunate to attend schools that prize learning, community, and service over rote instruction or testing. Both of his grandmothers worked for years in the city’s public schools, and never tire of telling him about the importance of a good education. When he’s not helping parents and teachers connect on Classicle, he writes on business, technology and more at the communications firm Iambic and wherever else he can. As a journalist, he's reported from the small towns of Poland, the courtrooms of Chicago, and the kosher delis of Brooklyn. Jonathan also plays keyboard in several musical groups, and has performed at SXSW. He graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in political science.

  • Cynthia Gandarilla - Director

    Cynthia Gandarilla is a Director at Classicle, where she has served from its inception, working on everything from registering families and care providers on the platform to feature design, UI/UX, and marketing outreach. A California native who grew up in a family with multiple early childhood educators, Gandarilla has seen firsthand the importance of peer-to-peer interaction for students, particularly the youngest. And as a former preschool aide, she also knows from experience the havoc even a few untethered children can wreak. When not working at Classicle, she serves as a project manager at the communications and marketing consultancy Iambic. Gandarilla got her start in local and business journalism, and managed to kill an exceptional number of desk plants during her journalistic tenure. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with degrees in journalism and political science.

  • Jennifer Jackson - Advisor

    Jennifer Jackson has spent the last 10 years helping businesses access capital, government contracts, and small business certifications. In prior roles, she has coached businesses to help them find and retain the right talent, provided training to entrepreneurs and enabled businesses to figure out how to compete in competitive markets. Jennifer currently helps large employers, including government agencies, to acquire human capital, office management and industrial solutions. As a Supervisory Business Development Specialist at GSA, she liaises between vendors, customer agencies and internal stakeholders to identify effective ways to help federal agencies accomplish their missions more efficiently through government-wide contracting vehicles. Although often obligated to speak in acronyms, she doesn’t have to like it. Jennifer resides in Brooklyn, where she walks too fast and always “knows a place”.

  • Jonathan Becker - Operations Advisor

    Jonathan Becker is co-founder and Managing Director of Claro Healthcare, LLC, a boutique healthcare consultancy. A long-time resident of Chicago, Jonathan has nearly two decades of experience working in all facets of the healthcare revenue cycle, and specializes in improving hospitals’ quality ratings and financial performance. Jonathan is a patron of the arts and a leader in the Chicago arts community. He serves on several boards, including those of the Civitas Ensemble, International Music Foundation and the Overture Council of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Jonathan began his career in the Chicago office of Arthur Andersen. Though he resides in Chicago, his favorite team is the Cleveland Browns, whose mention here should make clear that we don’t believe in the milquetoast garbage bios you’ll find on other sites, and that we value personality over “personality”.

  • Jennifer Landy - Marketing Representative VA

    Jennifer Landy is a northern Virginia native and mother of two elementary school-aged children. Aside from falling into the role of virtual school hall monitor, she is also an Occupational Therapist, specializing in pediatrics and mental health. Her husband is a typical DC-area lawyer. (No offense.) Jennifer and her family can often be found frequenting local playgrounds or exploring nearby parks. As she learned from experience this past spring, even a single classmate can make learning feel more “normal” to children, so she strives to find safe outlets in which kids and adults can socialize and stay active. Jennifer serves on the board of directors for the SEED Plan Foundation, a non-profit that promotes educational programs for underserved populations in India.

  • Lindsey Clawson - Marketing Representative MD

    Lindsey Clawson is a Montgomery County native, and mother of MCPS elementary school children. Her children enjoy music and dance, and she and her husband are trying to find socially distanced outlets for them to continue enjoying ways to keep these activities going for the kids. For the past 15 years, Lindsey has worked in public health in Rockville, where she is currently a strategy leader at US Pharmacopeia (USP), a non-profit pharmaceutical standard setting organization. Her husband Ken is a stay-at-home parent. Lindsey devotes a substantial amount of her time to public service, primarily in the pursuit of racial justice and equality for women. She has established a women’s network within USP, and is a member of the NAACP.

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